Become a Uhive Ambassador

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We are looking for outgoing and creative Uhivers who are eager to become official Uhive ambassadors. As a Uhive ambassador, you will make it your mission to raise awareness about Uhive in your communities. At Uhive, our ambassadors are a very important part of our team. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Uhive Ambassador? If you do, apply to become part of our Uhive brand ambassador community.

Qualifications of a Uhive Ambassador

- Proactive Uhive user and social media enthusiast
- Friendly, outgoing, and social
- Creative and innovative
- Excellent communication skills
- Know where the action is happening in your community and city
- Access to a smartphone with mobile data
- An interest in marketing is a plus
- University students are encouraged to apply

How it works

Uhive ambassadors are always excited to promote Uhive Online and Offline to family, friends, and strangers. Show future Uhivers how to install the application, introduce them to your favorite spaces and application features, and invite them to use it. Encourage the people you meet to ask questions about the application, and show them how it’s done! Motivate them to become a part of our social universe.

Post about Uhive on your social media accounts, and create some buzz! Use our hashtags in your posts, write articles on blogging sites, and share content from Uhive with people you meet or know. Tell people why you love Uhive!

Look for the places where the youth in your community are hanging out, and visit these places to promote Uhive to whoever you meet! You could go out to a university, an event, a hip street, a skate park, or even a cafe.

Uhive Ambassador Rewards

We love to pamper our Uhive ambassadors, if you get chosen to embark on this journey with us you will be rewarded with:

- Free Uhive Tokens for in-app use
- Uhive Badges and Awards
- Free spaces with prime locations and unique usernames
- Become featured as Uhive ambassador of the month on our website and social media pages
- Exclusive invitations to local Uhive events for you and your friends
- Unique Uhive merchandise
- Amazon gift cards (or local equivalent) for Ambassador of the Month
- Opportunity to intern and possibly work full time at Uhive if you excel in the Ambassador program.

Please apply below

(you will need your parents’ consent if you are under 18)