Uhive and Crowdfunding FAQs
Be one of the first to become part of the next generation in social media!

You may have heard we’re about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to help us take the next leap on our journey to revolutionize the way social media is used. We believe social media belongs to its users, which is why we’re looking to crowdfunding; and for as little as £10, you can grab a piece of Uhive for yourself.

We’ve seen a ton of interest from our early adopters already and we know you guys have lots of questions. To help answer everyone, we’ve made a FAQ of the most commonly asked questions we get. Keep reading to find the answer you’re looking for, and, please remember, investing means putting capital at risk.

Q: Crowdfunding sounds cool, but what is it?

A: Crowdfunding happens when you offer a piece of ownership of the company (us) to the investors (*potentially/hopefully* you.) Rather than going through a bank to get the money we need, interested parties can buy a piece of Uhive for as little as £10. We’ve always believed social media belongs to the users and this is another way to prove that.

Q: So why now?

A: Our global launch is around the corner and we feel that a crowdfund is the best way to raise our profile and increase our user-base with dedicated and committed Uhivers.

Q: How do I get started?

A: If you want in, you’ll have to create an account on Seedrs. It’s fast, easy and most importantly free. Once you’re done getting your account set up and receive authorization to invest, you can then invest as much as you want (or as little.) Then, you’ll own shares in Uhive.

Q: What happens if Uhive do not raise the target amount?

A: While crowdfunding is similar to selling shares on the stock market, it’s different in that if we don’t meet the target, all investors will get their investments back and Uhive won’t receive any funds. We want to be realistic but we also want this to be a fun challenge for us to get the early believers on board.

Q: What does overfunding mean?

A: Overfunding happens when we go over our target goal, but it’s not a bad thing! We have 40 days to meet our goal (that’s how long the Seedrs campaign lasts.) Until the campaign ends, your investment will be held in escrow by Seedrs.

Q: Does overfunding hurt or help the campaign?

A: Overfunding is a great thing! Not only does it mean you believe in us, it means we have more funds to take Uhive even further, faster!

Q: Will I still get shares if I invest after the target is met?

A: Yes! Regardless of when you invest, if you invest during the campaign window, you’ll get the stated rewards we set out at the beginning of the campaign.

Q: What’s the minimum and the maximum I can invest?

A: There’s no maximum to how much you can invest, but the minimum investment in Uhive is £10.

Q: What happens if we don’t raise enough?

A: From the beginning, Uhivers have been active and involved in improving the app. We’re confident, they’ll want to get that much more involved and own a piece of it too. If we don’t meet the target, funds will be returned to those who did choose to invest.

Q: What is Seedrs? And why can’t I invest directly with Uhive?

A: Seedrs is one of the UK’s largest and most respected crowdfunding platforms. It allows people to invest in start-ups they believe in, from cutting-edge social media platforms to plant-based food products. Over 820 projects have been funded with over £618 million invested. The first company of this kind to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, it helped businesses of all types grow and acquire loyal, dedicated investors. For Uhive to acquire investors of this calibre and in great numbers, would simply be impossible without a platform like Seedrs. By partnering with Seedrs, every investor knows they have the same terms as the next. Everything from the shareholders agreement to legal compliance, is funneled through one platform, guaranteeing equal treatment for all. With Seedrs’, investors are free to exit whenever they wish, by offering their shares on the Secondary Market, which also would not be possible with a direct investment, as investors would be locked into Uhive.

Q: Why should I invest in Uhive?

A: Because you believe social media should be put into the users' hands and believe Uhive’s cutting-edge platform and business model will completely disrupt the social media landscape.

Q: If I invest, am I simply helping development or do I become an actual shareholder?

A: When you elect to participate in our Seedrs campaign, you’ll become a full-fledged shareholder. Your investment will be used to help development

Q: How long does the campaign last?

A: The campaign will be run for the maximum amount of time allowed, which is forty days.

Q: My kids want to invest, can I buy shares for them?

A: Yes! Accounts can be created for children but a parent or legal guardian will need to make the investment decisions and be the beneficial owner of the shares until the minor reaches the age 18. At that point, we’ll be able to transfer the account to the child’s name. You’ll need both the child’s and parent’s details in order for such accounts to be created. If you’d like, you can create accounts for more than one child. After the account is created on Seedrs, you should contact support for the account to be processed. You can contact them via email support@seedrs.com or live chat via the green box in the bottom right hand corner of the Seedrs page.

Q: Can I buy shares as a gift to someone?

A: Not really. Whoever will own the shares should create an account and make an investment in their own name. You can receive funds to invest from someone else, of course, but buying shares needs to be via the intended owner’s account.

Q: Can I buy shares more than once?

A: You can buy more shares at any time during the campaign. There’s an option on Seedrs to subscribe to share packages with one account. Once the campaign is over, we’ll be able to tell if you’ve bought multiple shares and we’ll contact you to see how you’d like to handle the shares - whether you’d like one large reward or multiple smaller rewards. If you have questions or have the intention of buying multiple shares and splitting them, you should reach out to Seedrs via email support@seedrs.com or live chat via the green box in the bottom right hand corner of the Seedrs page.

Q: What if I want to invest a serious sum of money, like over £50,000?

A: We have special packages for those investing £50,000 or more.

Q: Could someone invest so much that they end up owning Uhive?

A: In short - no. The equity on offer via crowdfunding will not exceed the Uhive team’s majority share.

Q: What happens in Seedrs goes under?

A: Seedrs is an FCA-regulated company which means they have to have comprehensive plans in place to protect your shareholding under all circumstances. No matter what, your investment in Uhive will be safe regardless of the number of shares you have and your ownership of the app will always be upheld.

Q: Why is the pre-registration phase so important?

A: Pre-registration lets us know how much interest our users have in owning a piece of Uhive and allows us to validate our target, but also lets the early believers get priority access to the Seedrs campaign before it opens to the public!

Q: Will my investment earn dividends?

A; As Uhive grows, takes over social media and becomes profitable, we absolutely plan to reward all Uhive shareholders. For now, though, we can’t make any promises. We’ll never forget our original users and investors who helped us grow when we get big, but for now our priority is just to grow.

Q: Why not just take a bank loan instead of crowdfunding?

A: The more bank loans a company takes, the higher the repayments become and the more leverage banks would have over us. Crowdfunding is in line with our belief that social media belongs in the hands of its users, as Uhive has always intended to be.

Q: How do I pay?

A: You can make your investment via a debit card or bank transfer. Your investment will be held in escrow until the end of the campaign, at which point Seedrs will facilitate the transaction of shares for your invested amount.

Q: So now what?

A: The Seedrs crowdfunding campaign will begin in mid-September. Just before the campaign goes public, it’ll be exclusively opened via a private sale to the most prominent investors on Seedrs (which may include tennis champion Andy Murray!). If you want to be part of this private priority investment, you can register at https://www.seedrs.com/uhive and we’ll let you know all the details you need for investing.