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A visionary social network that promises to change the world

Built based on the 5 Laws of the Metaverse


Share of wealth



Infinite Connections

Proven track record and deliverables

+ONE Million users during early stages
+60 Million posts
TWO years in development in stealth mode
Many patents are being prepared especially in the Oasis world within Uhive
ONE Million crypto wallets created

Uhive is the only comprehensive social network to simulate life with all its elements

Uhive is unique as it’s all built from the ground up so everything has a value Your
posts, spaces, profiles, avatars, live streaming, awards, your reputation

Join Uhive Growth Fund Now


  1. Minimum is 1 BTC (Or equivalent in Fiat/ ETH/Bank Transfer) to buy tokens @ market price
  2. Stake it for 18 months (You can unstake any time)

If by end of staking (18 Months):

  • Uhive is below 5 Million users (on google play store download count), you will get %30 Extra tokens ROI
  • Uhive is +5 Million Users, you will get 200% (2X) ROI
  • Uhive is +10 Million Users, you will get 300% (3X) ROI
  • Uhive is +20 Million Users you will get 700% (7X) ROI
  • Uhive is +50 Million Users you will get 1000% (10X) ROI

Users count is based on play store download (All public and transparent)

For example: If you joined with 1 BTC, you will get 44 Million tokens at the current market price(Estimated), if in 18 Months, Uhive reached +20 Million downloads on the play store, you will get 44M*700%= 308 Million tokens instead of 44M

Explore token value vs users growth projection

Uhive token is simply connected to users growth as there is an actual product and big concept behind it unlike other cryptocurrencies and big token utilization inside the app

Extra Rewards

When you join Uhive Growth Fund, you will get the following benefits beside the tokens

ONE Verified Space for each 1 BTC

Guaranteed ONE premium space location in the Oasis for each 1 BTC

Growth Fund Badge

Early news and invitations to events

Dedicated account manager

Join Uhive council (board)

How we will use the fund

  • Launch on tier 1 exchanges we already have agreements in place
  • Aggressive marketing campaigns to reach new users
  • Develop our metaverse to reach new heights

Sneak a Peek for the upcoming Oasis Metaverse

First come, first served

Uhive in the Press

It utilizes its own unique digital currency, the Uhive Token, allowing users to conveniently and quickly make economic exchanges

Check out our profile to get insight into Uhive’s ranking and funding information

Uhive plans to meet expectations with a slick new layout and innovative features

10 Blockchain Ideas That Are Out-of-This-World, or May Change It

Uhive is positioning itself as the social network of the future.

That’s right, you’re able to sell, purchase, and trade within the network.