How can I buy a space?

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The whole concept of ‘Space’ in the Civilized World is to post, share and communicate your thoughts with family and friends, and the ability to find your interests through other spaces. Create as many spaces as you desire in different interests.
Your first space is free If you wish to own additional space(s) within the same interest you are welcome to do so!


Buy a new space under your favorite interest: 

Follow the steps below to buy a space:

1. Open UHive.

2. Click on Explore Tab.

3. Select the interest that you want to have a space under.

4. On the right menu, click on Buy Spaces option. 

5. Select the block that you wish to have a space in.

7. After checking the block details, click on Buy a Space In This Block.

8. Confirm your payments.

Now, you have a new space under this interest.

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