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There are five different types of badges awarded to our users after joining our social network. The badges are known as:

The Prime Location Badge

This badge is a way for UHive to reward users with best location within the centre of attraction in the Civilized World.

The Believer Badge

This badge is a way for UHive to show appreciation for the first 100,000 users who joined UHive social network.

Believers will get an extra 10% revenue from their ‘space’.

Early Supporter Badge

This badge is the way for UHive to show gratitude for the first 100.001- 500,000 users who join the social platform.
Early supporters get an extra 5% revenue from their Space.

Early Influencer Badge

This badge is a way for UHive to confirm that this is an authentic ‘space’ for this public figure/ influencer who believed in the social platform from the very start.


Early Influencers will receive an extra 15% revenue from their ‘space’ and this badge is awarded to the first 1000 influencers.

Verified Account Badge

The ‘Verified Account Badge’ is a way for UHive to confirm that it’s an authentic space for the user who submitted the form.

All users will receive a message from the App congratulating them for getting their new badge and it will be displayed on their space.

More Badges will be added soon.
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