What is the concept of the UHive Token?

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UHive introduced its own digital currency known as the UHive Token which is used throughout the social network, in both, the Civilized World and the Grey World. In order to be part of this social network, and utilize each feature provided the UHive Token takes up an important role as it allows you to:

  • Buy and reserve spaces in the social network.
  • Customise your space.
  • Receive your share of the revenue. (UHive will reward you by sharing Ad revenues with users).
  • Advertise your business through UHive.
  • Customise your space.
  • Subscribe to certain spaces in the Grey World.
  • In the future, token’s may be provided for exchanges.
  • Buy merchandise (upcoming option)

Our exclusive digital currency is based on the blockchain and is an ER-20 token based on Ethereum and is divisible, portable and recognisable.

UHive Tokens are limited in supply!.. It is a first come, first serve process. If you are willing to receive the best space & collect tokens, join us today and start your journey in the digital World.

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