What is the concept of VR (Virtual Reality) in UHive?

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‘Built from the start to integrate VR technology, creating a virtual social world (optional), while maintaining an easy interface suitable for all users..’


Today, the world depends on the most advanced technology and UHive believes that introducing this extraordinary feature to the social platform is the way forward. So, let’s talk technology. What is the purpose of this feature?

This feature enables you to explore everything at a much closer eye view. However, that is not all, Virtual reality introduces a whole new concept of social networking and allows you to explore different spaces and float in different directions.


Virtual reality is a feature integrated in UHive in order to grant you the ultimate experience!


Off course, it is your personal choice to use VR after registering with UHive, this feature is provided for those who enjoy close movement and thrill.

Experience something new with the latest, most updated and improved technology!


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