Metaverse Affiliate Program

What is the Metaverse Affiliate Program?

In Uhive’s Metaverse, when you invite a user to join, you’ll not only get a commission - you’ll be connected to this user for one whole YEAR, which means:

  • You will take a share of all recurring revenue for any purchases this user makes over a whole year
  • Any user you invite will follow your space by default

We designed the Uhive Metaverse Affiliate Program to support two phases

  1. Phase One (this phase): Will focus on growing Uhive’s userbase and economy with high quality content, and people who are helping will share the wealth
  2. Phase Two (when we reach 20 million users): We will focus on monetizing content

What is Uhive Social Metaverse?

Uhive is the world's first Social Metaverse with a complete circular economy in its DNA.
Uhive is being built to achieve what others have failed to do or ignored;

  • Share the wealth with the userbase who are creating content and using the platform
  • Apply freedom of speech by adopting Wikipedia-style moderation and allowing its users to control the content

Learn more about the Five Laws of the Metaverse

Revenue Calculator

In Phase One, our focus is growing the Uhive userbase and the economy by sharing the wealth with the people helping grow it, as this is the foundation for the Metaverse we are building; more users means more revenue for you and everyone helping grow the economy,

Monthly Invitations

Users you expect to invite to Uhive monthly

Monthly Engagement

Expected monthly engagement (Like, Share, comments, etc...)

Expected Revenue (this is just an estimate*)
  Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12
Expected Revenue $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Monthly Invitations

Users you expect to invite to Uhive monthly

Monthly Engagement

Expected monthly engagement (Like, Share, comments, etc...)

  Expected Revenue
Month 1 $
Month 2 $
Month 3 $
Month 4 $
Month 5 $
Month 6 $
Month 7 $
Month 8 $
Month 9 $
Month 10 $
Month 11 $
Month 12 $

Total Revenue:


Total Revenue:


Please note:
  • This is an estimation, and it depends on the users you are bringing to join Uhive; some countries achieve a 2% conversion rate, and others have a 10% conversion rate; the above calculator is based on a 5% conversion rate, which is the average user conversion
  • During Phase One, you will be paid in Uhive’s cryptocurrency (HVE2 tokens), but you can choose to be paid in USD, GBP, or Euro using a third-party payment provider, for an additional 5% fee, or you can exchange your tokens from a qualifying exchange (more exchanges will be added in 2022)
  • Under normal circumstances, many users start converting after the third month of using Uhive

How Does it Work?

  • Simply; in Phase One, when you invite/refer a user to download and use Uhive, that user’s account will be connected to your Uhive account for ONE whole year
  • As Uhive is a virtual social life with its own digital currency (Uhive Token a cryptocurrency) and unlimited internal utilisation, any purchases your invited user/s undertakes for one year, you will receive a 25% share of the amount
  • And if this user invites another user, you will receive a 2% share of any purchases they make on the system

Real-time and transparency is the key!

Let's Talk Numbers? (Example)

  • On Uhive, users will be able to infinitely utilise its token. But, for now you can;
    • Buy Tokens
    • Buy Spaces (Metaverse real-estate)
    • Buy Space Names (space names are unique and act like web domains)
    • NFTs
    • Rewards
    • Soon more utilisation is coming, like Metaverse Avatars etc.
  • Currently, the percentage of Uhive users who make Metaverse transactions is an amazing 5% of the total users joining
  • You will get 25% of any purchases they do make for one year
  • Also when the users you invited invite other users you will also get 2% of any purchases they make for a whole year

Find your expected revenue using our calculator here

For Example:
  • You invited 10,000 users over a month (you are an affiliate or influencer, Youtuber, etc.)
  • 5% of the 10,000 users will make purchases (please note some users, based on their location, can achieve a 10% conversion and some 2%)
  • 500 users will buy, the average order value is $60 over few months (ranges from $10 to $200)
  • You will get: 500 x $60 @%25 = $7,500

The above Affiliate earnings could be monthly depending on the user's activities

How to Start?

It’s FREE, all you need to do is;

  • Download Uhive and sign up
  • Go to the menu and get your invitation code
  • To start using this program, go to the web dashboard and > Affiliates, and upgrade your account to a Metaverse Affiliate
  • Start inviting users, so the system will start calculating your income
  • Use link to access images and other material to help you promote joining Uhive with your code and encouraging new sign-ups to the platform
  • If you have any questions or comments please email

To encourage users to use your invitation link/code, let them know they will get U200 tokens for free (double the normal reward); when they sign up with your invitation code.

How to Track My Revenue?

After you sign up and start inviting just go to;

Sign In here

You will see real-time stats about the users you are connecting too and the revenue you are making

Why This is a Revolution?

Throughout the past 20 years, social networks have shared nothing or VERY little wealth with their users; even though users do all the work! Only 1.2% of YouTubers get significant payment, for example.

Uhive is changing all this! With our bold move to not only the concept of sharing wealth, but actually creating a built-in protocol to share revenue - we’re fixing the broken system.

In Phase One, we are focusing on growing the network and the economy; imagine a new country, and this country needs a population to immigrate to it, and help build the economy.

Inviting users and being economically connected to them on a social network has never been done before!

Share of Wealth Explained

We are still building the social network, learning, and experimenting.
We believe everyone who is honest and posting great content deserves a reward. That’s why Uhive introduced from day one, Dividends for All, which aims to distribute daily tokens for all active users.

This will grow exponentially when more users join the system.

Uhive is a unique, complex platform, that promises to change the world for the better.

Whats Next?

During Phase One, our focus will be on growing the economy and the userbase.
Once we reach 20 million users, we will introduce a Phase TWO, which will target creators and new users who want a new revenue stream.

But first, you can’t build a complete economy without users!