Uhive is the next big Social Network!
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The most innovative Social Network ever created

We need your help to go through Phase 2 of our grand plan

With more than +1,000,000 users during the early stage, Support Uhive now by buying Uhive tokens or inviting other users to join the foundation and get unique rewards

Why sponsor Uhive

We are offering this once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge yourselves in all of our successes.

From your purchase, you will get Uhive tokens at current market price.

Once Uhive reaches 20M+ downloads, your wallet will read over a million tokens that you can cash out for fiat.

Extra Rewards

When you sponsor Uhive, you will get the following benefits beside the tokens

Worth over $50

Foundation Badge

Early news and invitations to events

Automatically join Moderation team

A social network changing the world for the better.

Built around the social support system the 5 Laws


A platform without suppression.

Share of wealth

Create a universal income for all.


A social system managed by the users.


Everything is an asset and is tradable.

Infinite Connections

Uhive connects us and acts as a bridge to our digital self.

Where will the money go?

To host us on top exchanges around the world!

Additional use of the foundation

Development of our in-app metaverse.
Launch new features like live streams and tokenization of posts.
Increase speed of updates, improve usability, repair bugs and create webpage.

Proven track record and deliverables

+ONE Million users during early stages
+60 Million posts
TWO years development in stealth mode
MULTIPLE PATENTS are being prepared especially in the Oasis world within Uhive
ONE Million crypto wallets created

Get your FREE Uhive Merch box

To receive your merch box, you need to refer 5 friends or buy tokens with $500 or more, Once all your referrals have receive their tokens you will be sent your very own Uhive merch box.

This will include a Uhive t-shirt, baseball cap and stickers.

Don’t miss out on sharing this with your friends and family to maximise your rewards and earnings.

How to join: Down

Limited Seats Available

  1. Follow this link to buy tokens via PayPal (Minimum is $250, If more than $500, you will be eligible for a FREE Merch box)
    * For bank transfers, please contact foundation@uhive.com
    * For ETH and BTC payments, please log in to your Uhive account, and make your payment there (For ETH and BTC the Minimum is $500): https://account.uhive.com/home/buytokens/
    * You can make multiple contributions (Top-ups) anytime; If you do, email foundation@uhive.com
  2. Fill out this form in order to confirm your sponsorship
  3. In 5 business days you will receive your tokens in your account already staked with a minimum 100% ROI

Join the support foundation FREE!

Invite 3 sponsors and win your free merch box sent right to your door and get 100,000 HVE2 token in your account.

How to win!

  1. Locate your invitation code from the in-app menu
    screen 1 screen 2 screen 3
  2. Invite 5 friends to join with a min of $250 Each, ensuring they add your invitation code when they fill the foundation payment form here: https://forms.gle/RZkyREVSjPhw2p3v6
  3. Within 5 Business days, we will add your staked HVE2, and we will contact you for the Merch box


  • Minimum is $250 to buy tokens at current market price.
  • In order to receive the merch box you need to meet one of the following criteria 5 referrals that all paid into the pot or $500 contributed alone.
  • Merch box will be sent upto 3 months after the money is transferred all referrals must keep tokens staked for 18 months.
  • NFT will be distributed after 30 days
  • Stake your tokens for 18 months (You can unstake any time)
  • If by end of staking (18 Months) :
    • Uhive is below 5 Million users (on google play store download count), you will get %100 Extra tokens ROI
    • Uhive is +5 Million Users, you will get 200% (2X) ROI
    • Uhive is +10 Million Users, you will get 300% (3X) ROI
    • Uhive is +20 Million Users you will get 700% (7X) ROI
    • Uhive is +50 Million Users you will get 1000% (10X) ROI

Users count is based on play store download (All public and transparent)

For example: If you joined now, with $250, you'd get 375,000 tokens at the current market price, if in 18 Months, Uhive reached 20M+ downloads on the play store, you will receive over a million 375,000*7x= 2,625,000 Tokens.

* Please note token price will be calculated at the time do the paypal order
* if Uhive reached 20M+ users, token price can grow exponentially, check this user analysis

Uhive in the Press

It utilizes its own unique digital currency, the Uhive Token, allowing users to conveniently and quickly make economic exchanges

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Uhive plans to meet expectations with a slick new layout and innovative features

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Uhive is positioning itself as the social network of the future.

That’s right, you’re able to sell, purchase, and trade within the network.