Uhive Roadmap

  Our roadmap discloses everything the Uhive team has worked on and will be working on, towards achieving our goal of becoming a top global social network, and to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.  

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  • Ecosystem Roadmap

Feb / 2018
  • Concept is born and initial planning begins

Jan / 2019
  • Alpha version is released and backend ecosystem designed

Dec / 2019
  • Uhive private beta is released on Android

Feb / 2020
  • Beta version goes public on Android
  • iOS beta version is released on TestFlight

May / 2020
  • Content feeds including trending are enhanced
  • 100+ new features introduced

July / 2020
  • iOS is released on the App Store with in-app token purchases
  • Android app is enhanced, and more features added to backend
  • Uhive reaches 100,000 users and 4 million posts

Nov / 2020
  • Chat and messenger including groups goes live
  • New 3D exploration
  • Personal profile space introduced

Dec / 2020
  • Content tokenization allowing users to send awards and tokens to one another to show appreciation for posts
  • 30 new features will be added

Q1 / 2021
  • Uhive is listed on multiple exchanges.
  • Enhanced iOS and Android apps
  • Reached 300,000 active users

Q2 / 2021

Q3/ 2021
  • Introduce decentralized moderation (DeMo)
  • Launch public/private spaces
  • Launch paywalls
  • Introduce Uhive Rooms
  • Live streaming, and video chat go live

Q4 / 2021
  • Re-launch the Free World as the Freedom of Speech World
  • 2 million users

Q1 / 2019
  • Release Uhive Token

  • Introduce Uhive’s beta app and the ability to buy Uhive tokens from within the app for Android and iOS

  • Introduce the ability to buy spaces and space names within the app

Q1 / 2021
  • Uhive is listed on exchanges
  • Reaches 300,000 active users

Q2 / 2021
  • Buy Uhive tokens from within the app and via PayPal: 90% of Uhive’s user-base are everyday users, with minimal to zero knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges. By introducing PayPal and in-app token purchases, Uhive will allow mass adoption of the Uhive Token and promote its economy
  • Introduce Uhive GDP
    This is the total accumulation of Uhive’s internal economy, made up of trading volume etc.
    Uhive GDP per User: This will enable Uhive to distribute free tokens, on a daily/weekly basis to users for their engagement (more info will be coming soon)
  • Introduce Uhive Marketplace
    Buy/sell Uhive digital assets, like spaces, space names, unique badges, unique logs, unique posts, and much more
  • Launch NFTs
    Everything within the Uhive network can be exported as an NFT and e-traded outside Uhive and on any supported market

Q3 / 2021
  • Launch partnerships with multiple payment gateways to provide direct Uhive Token sales to Uhive’s users
  • Introduce Paywalls: Private spaces that can only be accessed via a subscription

Q4 / 2021
  • List Uhive Token HVE2 on more global exchanges (USA, Japan, South Korea)
  • Target 2 Million users

Q1 / 2022
  • Introduce bidding for all of Uhive’s digital assets

Q2/ 2022
  • More details will be revealed soon