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The Oasis Metaverse World coming Q2 / 2023

A Virtual World in the Palm of Your Hand

The Oasis is a Metaverse world that grants access to content and shared experiences with like-minded users, via digital avatars. Dance together, explore together, share together, interact like never before with real users in real-time! This is the tip of the Metaverse iceberg!

An Innovative Transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

Designed for Billions of Users

In the Oasis, a world of infinite possibilities await users

As we build the architecture for a virtual world unlike any other, soon you'll choose your own avatar from a collection of NFTs, customize it with accessories, physical traits like hair color, skin tone, gender, and build your own world, a house, an entire city or whatever you can imagine!

Design and build it yourself, or buy your own NFT avatar. Create your unique digital-self with tools and NFTs accessories!

The Five Laws of the Metaverse

Uhive’s Metaverse world is the only Metaverse platform that actually obeys the FIVE Laws of the Metaverse…

Oasis VR

A new Innovative Experience, designed for billion of users

Based on The Oasis as its being built as we speak

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Space Holograms

Coming Soon

Express your Space in the Oasis(Our TRUE Metaverse)