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The Oasis Metaverse World coming Q2 / 2023

A Virtual World in the Palm of Your Hand

The Oasis is a Metaverse world that grants access to content and shared experiences with like-minded users, via digital avatars. Dance together, explore together, share together, interact like never before with real users in real-time! This is the tip of the Metaverse iceberg!

An Innovative Transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

Designed for Billions of Users

In the Oasis, a world of infinite possibilities await users

As we build the architecture for a virtual world unlike any other, soon you'll choose your own avatar from a collection of NFTs, customize it with accessories, physical traits like hair color, skin tone, gender, and build your own world, a house, an entire city or whatever you can imagine!

Design and build it yourself, or buy your own NFT avatar. Create your unique digital-self with tools and NFTs accessories!

The Five Laws of the Metaverse

Uhive’s Metaverse world is the only Metaverse platform that actually obeys the FIVE Laws of the Metaverse…