Built Today for Tomorrow & Beyond

The Oasis, a 3D content exploration engine built into the Uhive app, is an underlying platform for humanity’s future. It’s a world in which interactive 3D media stretches from our entertainment experiences to commercial relationships plus interactions, and more!

How Does it Work?

A user’s space and posts are imported as digital assets to the Oasis. From here, Uhive’s powerful gaming engine adds logic to guide each asset’s behavior in relation to your interactions, physics, lighting and countless other factors that create a brand new fully immersive and interactive experience.

Oasis & the Metaverse

The Oasis is the meeting place for traditional social media and a 3D futuristic game-like experience. It’s the convergence of the physical and digital worlds - with everything in the Oasis designed to represent its counterpart in the physical world. The Oasis is the future of human interaction!

One vision, infinite realities

We incorporated virtual reality into the app from day one. VR supports a more empathetic, altruistic and understanding toward one another, which is absent from current social media. It also allows users to connect with content like never before. Explore spaces and media as if you’re right there in the video, taking the picture yourself, or bounding through space!