Your Space on Uhive

When you sign up on Uhive, you immediately become an owner of your very own personal space! This space acts as a personal profile which you can share your personal content on. You also have the option to create interest-based spaces or profiles if you feel super passionate about any of Uhive’s 26 interests. That way you can share your passion with the world or your own network of friends and family.

How Many Spaces Can I Create?

For most users one space for your profile is a great way to start enjoying Uhive. But since there’s so much to say about so many things, we don’t want to box you in. Each Uhive account can create one free space within each of the 26 interests, for a total of 26 free spaces! If you feel especially enthusiastic about one interest and would like to own more spaces in that interest group, you can purchase additional spaces with Uhive tokens.

Do Spaces Have a Value?

Definitely! Spaces on Uhive are non fungible assets (NFTs); they are unique and are owned by the account holder. Think of them as virtual real estate. Later, you’ll be able to sell and change the space’s ownership, or rent your space/s based on their [virtual] location in Uhive’s universe, levels of engagement, and more.

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