A New Concept

Giving value to your space(Profile) based on your content, engagement and location

What is Uhive Space?

When you sign up on Uhive, you immediately become an owner of your very own personal space! This space acts as a personal profile which you can share your personal content on.

You also have the option to create interest-based spaces on any of Uhive’s 26 interests.

Each space has a virtual location in the Oasis(Uhive Metaverse), where the users can go to the Oasis(Metaverse) and find you space in the virtual world.

How Many Spaces Can I Create?

Each Uhive account can create one free space under any of the 26 interests! If you feel especially enthusiastic about one interest and would like to own more spaces in that interest group, you can purchase additional spaces with Uhive tokens.

Do Spaces Have a Value?

Spaces on Uhive are non fungible assets (NFTs); they are unique and are owned by the account holder. Think of them as virtual real estate. Later, you’ll be able to sell and change the space’s ownership.

More Details about Spaces Value in the Uhive White Paper

Space Names

Space names = Real life internet domain names

In Uhive, space names are unique, like internet domains. The copyrights laws for the internet domains apply to Uhive space names. In the future, Uhive Space Names will be traded as NFTs on any platform.

In Phase one, you can buy(Reserve) an unlimited amount of space names, and you can assign them to any space of your own.

All you Uhive spaces are designed as NFTs

Learn how to buy a Uhive Space Name here

Social Scale

Uhive Social Scale is like our real-life Credit score, and it's a scale Uhive use to evaluate the reputation of Uhive users

It will increase over time, depending on how much time your use Uhive, your engagement, your posts quality, plus engagement or activities you do.

It can decrease, depending on moderators feedback for your posts and spaces, if you get authentic reporting for bad behaviour.