Introducing a Groundbreaking Concept:

Elevate your space (profile) through content, engagement, and location on Uhive

Discover Uhive Spaces:

Upon joining Uhive, you instantly gain ownership of your very own personal space! This space functions as a personal profile where you can share content. You can also create interest-based spaces within any of Uhive's 26 interests.

Your space has a virtual location in the Oasis (Uhive Metaverse), allowing users to find your space in the virtual world through the Oasis (Metaverse).

Creating Spaces:

Every Uhive account can create one free space under any of the 26 interests. To own more spaces in a particular interest group, simply purchase additional spaces with Uhive tokens.

The Value of Spaces:

Uhive spaces are non-fungible assets (NFTs) and are unique to each account holder, much like virtual real estate. In the future, you'll be able to sell and transfer ownership of these spaces.

For more details on space value, check out the Uhive White Paper.

Space Names

Space names in Uhive are akin to real-life internet domain names. They are unique, and the copyright laws for internet domains apply to Uhive space names. Eventually, Uhive Space Names will be traded as NFTs on various platforms.

In Phase One, you can buy (reserve) an unlimited number of space names and assign them to any of your spaces.

Learn how to buy a Uhive Space Name here.

Social Scale

The Uhive Social Scale is comparable to a real-life credit score, which evaluates the reputation of Uhive users. Your score will increase over time based on your activity, engagement, post quality, and other factors. However, it may decrease if you receive negative feedback from moderators or authentic reports for inappropriate behavior.