Uhive’s Manifesto

Uhive was born out of a desire to create a social network that blurred the lines between the digital and analogue worlds – a digital simulation of the ‘real world’. The idea was to create a platform that would mimic the actions, scenarios and play out situations that billions of users are already used to participating in.

By creating a more participatory platform, by nature, we created a social network that encouraged users to take ownership of their experience, and even their content, giving users complete power over the social network, and not the other way around.

Some key problems Uhive solves:

Content censorship

By allowing people to decide what's good and what's bad content in a collective environment, just like Wikipedia, Uhive is creating a huge amount of trust and credibility that legacy social networks simply cannot match. It’s the user base who will decide what content is promoted and what’s demoted. Uhive will never censor content based on a political agenda, financial interests, or simply to silence a particular voice. This is true freedom!

Choose your own content comfort level

Anyone active on Uhive will have the ability to choose what degree of content filtering they are comfortable with. For example, if someone is a fan of weapons, alcohol, provocative content, it’s up to that person to decide whether or not to engage with it. On the flipside, if someone doesn’t wish to see any of the above, they can adjust their content settings to filter it out. Uhive will never push content to its users for ad impressions!

Freedom of speech

We understand freedom of speech can be a balancing act, with freedom to say what you wish, on the one hand, and the rights of individuals on the other. But a corporate policy aimed at silencing a collective few (or many) is NOT the answer, because driving any dialogue underground creates a place for hate to fester and grow. Uhive relies on its user base to collectively decide the ‘volume level’ of every topic that pushes boundaries, without ever censoring anyone.

Complete economy

From day one, our social network was built to reward creators, not to exploit them, so we built an inclusive circular economy because everyone has the right to earn and spend on Uhive. We added to this our own cryptocurrency with REAL utility and a frictionless peer-to-peer payment process that’s as easy as signing up to Uhive. Every single person using Uhive is an essential part of its economy, and intrinsic to the network’s growth and token’s value.

Distribution of wealth

Why should corporations fill their pockets by auctioning off your time and attention to advertisers when it’s YOU who’s doing all the work? That’s simply not fair. So Uhive built a business model with distribution of wealth at its core, so that you get your fair share of revenue, and share in the platform’s success!

True Ownership

You worked hard for your home, your car, your new iPhone, and you own them, right? Why should your social media be any different? Well, it shouldn’t! That’s why we’re the first social platform to allow its users to mint their profile into a sellable, tradeable, NFT token.


Uhive is not only user-first in its approach to distribution of wealth but also when it comes to its environmental impact. This world, like Uhive, belongs to everyone and we have a responsibility towards minimising carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve built a system that requires the least number of blockchain transactions to power it, and made ALL mining of digital assets optional.

Building Uhive is a labour of love for the entire team, but we stay the course because we know what we’re creating is going to do more than simply disrupt – Uhive will reinvent social media. It’s everyone’s right to have ownership of their work, and co-ownership in something they’ve helped produce, and it’s Uhive’s mission to deliver on this promise…

This isn’t social 3.0, it’s social ad infinitum!

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