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What is the Social Metaverse?

The Metaverse; ‘Web 3.0” the “Evolution of Digital” a “Successor State” to the internet, whatever it’s being called, it’s here. Uhive is first social network to merge our physical reality with the digital world, in the process aligning culture, communities, shopping, entertainment, and economies, a convergence known as the Social Metaverse.

Social Media 4.0 Ad Infinitum

A fresh perspective on the familiar

Decentralized Moderation

The Magna Carta Protocol

The Magna Carta was written over 800 years ago, but it’s main provisions still resonate today within free societies in the physical world. The principle that all individuals are created equal, and have the equal right to be heard and judged by their peers only. Inspired by this, Uhive’s decentralized moderation protocol was born.

Hot Content on Uhive
Hot Content on Uhive
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A Universal Income for All

Digital Dividends

Uhive was not created to be a company with the typical mission of ‘making money’ for its owners and shareholders – we built Uhive to generate wealth for all. Uhive aims to accomplish this by paying ALL of its active users a daily amount of its Uhive Tokens (digital dividends).

Digital Wealth on Uhive

Uhive Marketplace

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a unit of data stored on the blockchain. They cannot be forged, are explicitly owned and sold, & will power the Metaverse economy. For now, NFTs on Uhive include your Spaces (profiles), Space names, usernames, and media

Beta launch highlights!

Over 500,000 downloads

More than 1.2 billion Uhive tokens in circulation

100+ countries

Over 30 million posts