🌟 Important Update: Phase One Milestone Achieved! 🌟
  • All Phase One Tokens Released: 5 Billion Now in the Market! This marks a major achievement for Uhive, as we've successfully introduced the initial wave of tokens into the market.
  • Limited Availability Alert for Token Holders: With only a few million tokens remaining on exchanges, this is a golden opportunity to be part of an exclusive group. The current supply is fixed, and no more tokens will be released until we hit our next ambitious goal of 10 million users. As of now, we proudly stand at 3 million users.
  • Buyback Strategy: Tokens in the Uhive app, including rewards for active users, are sustainably bought back from the market, maintaining a strong token ecosystem.
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Uhive's Hybrid Token Release Strategy: Balancing Growth, Value, and Engagement


Welcome to Uhive's innovative approach to tokenomics – a unique hybrid strategy that aligns our token release with user growth, market performance, and platform engagement. This approach ensures long-term value and sustainability for our token and its holders.

Comparison with Other Cryptos: Uhive's Unique Approach

Uhive's strategy in managing its token release and overall platform growth stands distinctively apart from typical practices in the cryptocurrency market. Here's a look at how Uhive differentiates itself:

Traditional Crypto Projects

  • Token Release Strategy: Many cryptocurrencies follow a pre-determined schedule for token release, which is often independent of actual platform growth or user engagement.
  • Focus on Market Speculation: The value of many tokens is primarily driven by market speculation rather than real-world utility or user base growth.
  • Limited Community Engagement: In many cases, token releases and project developments occur with limited input or engagement from the community of users and investors.

Uhive's Innovative Approach

  • Growth-Linked Token Release: Uhive links token release directly to user growth and engagement metrics, ensuring that token supply aligns with actual platform usage and community growth.
  • Real-World Utility and Engagement: Uhive’s token value is closely tied to its real-world application within the social platform, encouraging long-term investment over short-term speculation.
  • Community-Centric Development: Uhive emphasizes community involvement in its growth, allowing users and investors to have a more substantial role in shaping the platform’s future.

This approach not only fosters a more stable and sustainable token economy but also aligns the interests of investors, users, and the platform itself, creating a synergy that is relatively rare in the crypto world. By focusing on real-world utility and user engagement, Uhive sets itself apart as a forward-thinking player in the cryptocurrency market.

Token Allocation Table:

Sector Allocation Percentage Purpose and Strategy
Investors 10% To support early and long-term investment.
Community Incentives 12% Encouraging user engagement and growth.
Partners/Influencers: 5% Enhance outreach through influential collaborations.
Team 12% For dedication and ongoing development.
Treasury/Ecosystem 25% Supporting future expansions and projects.
Future Development 10% Invest in innovation and technology
Public Sale 26% Controlled release linked to user growth.

User Growth and Engagement

Our token release is intricately linked to user milestones and engagement levels. This ensures that as our community expands and becomes more active, the token's utility and circulation grow proportionately.

User Growth Milestones for Token Release:

  • Up to 2 million users: Release up to 10% of allocated tokens in each category.
  • 10 million users: Release up to 20%.
  • 20 million users: Release up to 40%.
  • Beyond 40 million users: Gradual release as per engagement metrics.

Token Value Growth

The market performance of the Uhive token is a key factor in our release schedule. We monitor token value to align releases with market health, ensuring stability and investor confidence.

Disclaimer: The following milestones are hypothetical scenarios based on projected market trends and platform growth. They are not guarantees or predictions of future token values. Actual market performance can vary due to numerous factors.

User Growth Milestone Estimated Token Value (Hypothetical) Token Release Percentage
10 million users $0.01 10% of remaining tokens
20 million users $0.05 20% of remaining tokens
40 million users $0.10 30% of remaining tokens
60 million users $0.25 40% of remaining tokens
100 million users $1.00 remaining tokens

Note: These figures illustrate a potential pathway for token value appreciation aligned with user growth. They are meant to provide a vision of how increased platform adoption could impact token economics. Uhive maintains a commitment to responsible token management and market integrity.

Platform Performance

The overall health of the Uhive platform – including revenue, transactions, and user engagement – plays a critical role in our token release strategy.

Platform Performance Indicators:

  • Revenue milestones
  • Transaction volume thresholds
  • User engagement levels

Milestones and Phases

Phase One Overview (As of 21st Nov 2023)

  • Initial Release: 5 billion tokens have been released into the market.
  • Purpose: The goal was to establish a foundational user base and initiate market presence.
  • Current Status: Phase One is now complete. No additional tokens will be released until the platform reaches the next significant user growth or token value milestones.

Future Phases:
Triggered by combined criteria of user growth, token value, and platform performance

Transparency and Regular Updates

We commit to regular updates on our token release strategy. Stay informed via our website and community forum


Our hybrid token release strategy is a testament to our commitment to long-term growth, stability, and community focus. We invite you to be part of this journey.

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