Core Team

Robert Thomas

Marketing Channel Manager

Kassandra Cunningham

Social Media Specialist

Zaid Amir

Head of Development
Blockchain Specialist

Manuel Heilmann

Senior Advisor

Gerald Hahn

Senior Advisor

Robert Stoeppel

Senior Advisor

Legal Advisors

Uhive Legal Advisers

Saracens oversees Uhive’s legal, regulatory and compliance activities. They are one of West London’s foremost law firms, having advised many of the UK’s leading banks, commercial entities and asset managers, as well as a multitude of global clients on matters of commercial law, compliance and governance matters.

Accountants & Tax Advisors

Uhive Legal Advisers

Clay Knox lead all financial control, planning and balance sheet management at Uhive. Clay Knox have established a stellar reputation as the trusted advisor to many high profile individuals and companies, both in the UK and further afield.